A field class to support dimensions. The following three modes are supported:

  1. Length
  2. Area (width and height)
  3. Volume (width, height and depth)

The module comes with two formatters where the dimension values either get displayed as a table with each value of the dimension in a new row or as a single line with the initial(s) of the dimension components as the label(s).

Anita & Alexandra Hofmann

Anita und Alexandra HofmannThe management of the two musicians hired Paragon in 2012 to build a couple of platforms, both linked to each other and provide content from one to the other.

Clinic Buchinger-Wilhelmi

A project wie special challenges. The clinic has two locations, one in Überlingen in Germany near Lake Constance and the other one in Marbella, Spain. The homepage supports 6 different languages and those two aspects together are the foundation of some complexity. In addition to that, there is a wide range of content and the graphical concept of an external agency is fairly demanding.

Tineon AG

Tineon AG, based in Meersburg near Lake Constance has experience in web applications since.


Würmlibicker GmbHStarting from 2013 we are providing services to Würmlibicker, a web agency in Switzerland. Paragon is providing ad-hoc technical services as and when needed and we are glad to support their team with our knowledge and experience.