Drupal Remote Dashboard main screenAre you a Drupal Developer and/or a system administrator for a number of Drupal installations? Then this module is for you!

What is Drupal Remote Dashboard (DRD)?

It helps you to monitor and maintain any number of Drupal installations on any number of different servers (one or more per server) with any number of hosted sites on each of those Drupal installations.


Ubercart is the leading online-shop solution based on Drupal. And eKomi is a web service providing warranted customer feedback to the public together with a widget which displays that feedback on the shop's website.

Learn more about Drupal:

Learn more about Ubercart:


This modules integrates web tracking solution from etracker:

etracker is a leading provider of solutions and services for web analysis and optimisation of online marketing campaigns. etracker solutions are designed to meet the needs of your online business model and are 100% compliant with data privacy requirements.


This module is a plugin for both Ubercart and Drupal Commerce on Drupal 7 only to support all payment methods of GiroSolution AG. Currently supported:


giropay is a payment method in Germany which provides full security because the payment itselve is performed on the client's own bank website. This module integrates Ubercart with this payment method and directly receives feedback from giropay so that the order status can be set automatically.

GMap Direction Extras

GMap_Direx (GMap Direction Extras) is a module that allows the request of directions from Google's GMap service and stores all details about the direction in the Drupal database for later view. All those directions are user specific and no route can be saved more than once. This module was driven by specific customer request and has been developed in a generic form to be able to submit this to the open community. However, in the next few weeks it's like to get changed fundamentally, so you should expect some important changes. Therefore use with care in production sites for the time being.


This module allows you to easily and quickly integrate your Ubercart online-shop with Pangora, a Germany based service to list your products automatically on many different websites.

It currently comes with the following features:

Pivot Tables

This is best explained by showing some examples:


This module integrates the Placetel API (see www into any Drupal website. It comes with a lot of nice features.