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About Paragon Executive Services GmbH

What's the meaning of this company name?

A paragon is a jewel...
Paragon - Diamantenoder auch ein Vorbild und wird in diesem Kontext vor allem im spanischen und englischen Sprachraum gebraucht. Hier ein paar Definitionen:

Drupal Shop: Development, Consultancy, Hosting

We are providing Drupal solutions and services. Well, that is a pretty short version of the truth but something that focuses on the core of our business. Web sites and web applications do require a wide variety of disciplines and experience.

GiroPay for Ubercart Version 1.0 released

Today we've released the first public release of GiroPay for Ubercart, the payment gateway which is supported by 1.600 german banks based on their secure and trusted banking platforms.

Improved Ad-Server functionality

On the website of there is an AdServer in action that delivers ads on each page in more than one region. The customer required an add-on that makes sure that one and the same ad doesn't appear on more than one region on the same page. The AdServer being used is only able to avoid duplicate ads within one region.


giropay is a payment method in Germany which provides full security because the payment itselve is performed on the client's own bank website. This module integrates Ubercart with this payment method and directly receives feedback from giropay so that the order status can be set automatically.


Drupal Remote Dashboard main screenAre you a Drupal Developer and/or a system administrator for a number of Drupal installations? Then this module is for you!

What is Drupal Remote Dashboard (DRD)?

It helps you to monitor and maintain any number of Drupal installations on any number of different servers (one or more per server) with any number of hosted sites on each of those Drupal installations.