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Lexical Technologies Ltd

Lexical Technologies Ltd is based in Great Britain and developed innovative software from 2005 to 2008 to bring website promotion to the next level and to revolutionize SEO. Paragon used to be a shareholder of the company and was the technical leader of the project.

Hörkultur Medien AG

Hörkultur (translated "listening culture") is Exclusive Listening. Often nominated for Deutschen Hörbuchpreis (German Audio Books) in 2006 and 2007 and double winner in 2007, i.e. for the best publisher performance. Paragon GmbH was involved in the early stages of the swiss company, mainly as consultant and investor.

HIP Handelskontor für innovative Produkte GmbH

HIP GmbH is a trade agency and owner of several brands and products in the beverage markets. Started in Freiburg (close to the Alsass and France) in 2005, the company moved to Gottmadingen, close to Switzerland in 2008. HIP closed their business a couple of years later due to difficulties with one of their investors.

Advent 3B2

Advent 3B2 is the most powerful publish software worldwide. 3B2 handles largest data files in structured format, either SGML ro XML. It's been used by the largest publishing projects in the world. Paragon was involved in development and sales of the product and its projects - originally as an independent partner and later as an active shareholder in those companies who developed 3B2:


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The last few years we've been involved in a number of projects, some of which we are allowed to disclose here to give you an idea on what we're able to do and how we are going about them. Please not that some of the more recent projects are under NDA and we can not share them with you (yet). Bear with us, we'll update this section regularly.