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Commerce Product Dimensions

This is a line item integration that allows to configure products that the client can order by providing the dimensions they need. Examples are cables by length, liquids by liter, textile by width and height or hay by volume. This module depends on the dimension field and provides a lot of settings like dynamically calculating the product price while the customer enters the dimensions in the order form.

SOFORT Banking for Drupal Commerce

This module integrates the payment method SOFORT Banking (SOFORT Überweisung) from SOFORT AG. It is plug-and-play and you can configure it according to your individual needs. More details about SOFORT Banking (SOFORT Überweisung) on

Performing DRD actions from Drush: Drupal power tools, part 2 of 4

Drupal Remote Dashboard (DRD) fully supports Drush and it does this in two ways: DRD provides all its actions as Drush commands and DRD can trigger the execution of Drush commands on remote domains. This blog post is part of a series (see part 1 of 4) that describes all the possibilities around these two powerful tools. This is part 2 which describes on how to trigger any of DRD's actions from the command line by utilizing Drush.

DRD and Drush: Drupal power tools, part 1 of 4

Almost 5 years ago I've started working on DRD - a.k.a. Drupal Remote Dashboard. The idea behind this module which is published on has been and still is to provide a central place in a web browser for Drupal shops and system administrators or DevOps to get all the essential data and statuses about any number of Drupal installations.


Fascinating service in the US: prospects can select educational institutions by subject and region and find a brief summary of the information they need in a nutshell.

Anita & Alexandra Hofmann

Anita und Alexandra HofmannThe management of the two musicians hired Paragon in 2012 to build a couple of platforms, both linked to each other and provide content from one to the other.