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Testing Drupal projects with Behat in PhpStorm

Developers are known for their most famous topics to be testing and doumentation - not. And I'm no different. However, the bigger my projects tend to get and the longer they last, the more this becomes a real issue so that even the developer in me starts to promote the idea of proper testing and documentation. And to cut a long story short: BDD (behaviour driven development) can deliver a significant part in both of these areas.

SVG Embed

SVG graphics are really powerful but not yet widely supported. What makes them interesting in particular is that included text remains text and therefore should have some positive SEO effect and is searchable.

What this module does is to provide a text filter that automatically embeds an SVG graphic into your html text and before doing this, translates all the textstrings in the graphic. This has huge advantages on multi lingual sites: the graphic always adjusts to the surounding content or the user preferences and gets displayed in the correct language.


This module integrates the Placetel API (see www into any Drupal website. It comes with a lot of nice features.

Pivot Tables

This is best explained by showing some examples:


This module is a plugin for both Ubercart and Drupal Commerce on Drupal 7 only to support all payment methods of GiroSolution AG. Currently supported:

Wysiwyg Templates

In TinyMCE, CK Editor and FCK Editor, there is a template function, which allows a user to select a HTML template from a drop-down and insert it into the WYSIWYG text-area. This module supports those features for use with the WYSIWYG API.

This module was originally developed by Jen Lampton, maintained by others in the Drupal community and we are maintaining it since early 2014.


With SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login) you either tap, snap, or click a login page's QR code and YOU are securely logged in.

This is work in progress and you can find out everything about SQRL and the protocol over at


A field class to support dimensions. The following three modes are supported:

  1. Length
  2. Area (width and height)
  3. Volume (width, height and depth)

The module comes with two formatters where the dimension values either get displayed as a table with each value of the dimension in a new row or as a single line with the initial(s) of the dimension components as the label(s).