This module allows you to easily and quickly integrate your Ubercart online-shop with Pangora, a Germany based service to list your products automatically on many different websites.

It currently comes with the following features:

  1. Provide an automatically updated list of all your products in the required XML-format for Pangora to be downloaded by Pangora on a regular basis to integrate the given information and detail into their partner's listings. The URL of that XML-file/product-list is
  2. It implements the Pangora Sales Tracking functionality by prodividing some detail to Pangora whenever an order status gets changed to 'completed'.

More details about Pangora can be found on Pangora's website (

Please do us a favour: Let us know when you've signed-up for a Pangora-Account as a donation for maintenance of this module. Thanks a lot in advance.

The module itself is hosted at Drupal. Please file your issues there and not here.


hallo, existiert denn schon eine aktuelle version für drupal 6 und ubercart 2 dieses moduls. ich habe es installiert aber ich kann es leider nicht aktivieren.
danke und gruss rene

Hi Rene, the issue queue for modules is at, please report your problem there and please describe in a bit more detail, what the problem is. What do you mean by "can't activate the module"? Maybe you're missing some other modules of which this one dependent on?