Tineon AG

Tineon AG, based in Meersburg near Lake Constance has experience in web applications since. They hired Paragon in summer 2009 and the cooperation for many years brought a range of products to light which are marketed by well known brands in Germany, like Sparkasse, DFB (the Football Association) and Datev (the national group of tax advisors).

Tineon, owning the products, operates the SaaS-Solutions and provides support to the end-users witheir own dedicated support team. The product development is an on going task and is driven by Tineon's own ressources.

Paragon as a main player in Tineon's Drupal based products is also responsible for the architecture of the IT and server infrastructure and plays a major role in running their systems and maintaining it on 24/7 in a Germany based Cloud center.

In addition to that, Paragon developed concept and solution of Tineon's internal CRM based on Drupal 7 in cooperation with their management and project team. This platform allows prospects to sign up for free, install test licences of Tineon's products and eventually place an order and receive their invoices and everything else related to their licence agreement with Tineon.

That platform manages all aspects of the technical and commercial business around S-Verein, the brand name of the complete solution. Raising invoices, calculating commission for sales partners and affiliates, deployment of technical components and management of the infrastructure are just the most obvious functionalities.

Another component of the product suite is a website generator or toolbox, which is described separately in the next chapter.