Storm Dashboard Version 1.0 released

We've just released our initial public release of the Drupal-Module Storm Dashboard. It provides a dynamic infterface to navigate through organizations, projects, tasks, tickets, team member, notes and timetracking. Without reloading the browser page you get full access to all relevant nodes of your Storm ( framework and you can of course add new nodes, edit or delete existing ones and by using filters you can limit the number of elements displayed at once.

In conjunction with a second module call Storm Quick Timetracking you can start, stop and pause the recording of your working hours on projects, tasks and tickets by simply clicking an icon. Storm handles the recording in the background for you. While tracking your time, you also get a simple textfield to grab notes which get collected in the timetracking record.

All of this without reloading browser pages. It's therefore much faster than any other approach and helps you staying focused on your real duties - instead of spending too much time on organizing yourself.

You can download this module from (