Quick Timetracking for Storm

The Storm_QuickTT main block for timetracking and quick access to important projectsStorm (https://www.drupal.org/project/storm) is a nice and handy project management suite for Drupal and it comes with organizations, projects, people, invoices, tasks, notes, and timetracking. This module extends the timetracking functionality by providing a simple block which displays a list on "in progress" projects. The user just selects one of those projects when he/she starts working on that project and as soon as he/she selects a different project, this module creates a records for timetracking and allows quick access to that record to fill in further details.

When you select a project to work on, you get the start time of that project displayed at the bottom of the block and when you click on that date you get to the project's page directly. As soon as you select another project to work on (or the top-most item "no billable work") then this module creates a timetracking node with all the relevant data. Nothing else needs to be done. This means, you don't loose any time when timetracking!.

Ofcourse, you can define a limit for minimum time spent on a project before it gets timetracked. By default this is 5 minutes and if you work on a project shorter than that, no timetracking record will be created.

Future Plans

It would be nice to extend this module nicely so that you get a list of tasks and tickets as well, so that you get quick access to them as well.

But before we start working on that we're waiting for some feedback from the community to understand what's good and bad about the current module design and where we should take it from here. So, please go ahead, download it, test it and let us know what you think.