This modules integrates web tracking solution from etracker:

etracker is a leading provider of solutions and services for web analysis and optimisation of online marketing campaigns. etracker solutions are designed to meet the needs of your online business model and are 100% compliant with data privacy requirements.

etracker for Drupal supports Drupal 6 and 7 and soon also Drupal 8. The current modern etracker API version 4.0 is only supported by the D7 version of this module and forward. Drupal 6: This is a legacy module which is no longer maintained other than bug fixes and security issues. Drupal 7: The 7.x-1.x got forward ported from the D6 version many years ago but was never really picked up due to limited functionality of the etracker API and this module at the time. etracker 7.x-2.x: This is the currently maintained version of this module which has been re-written from ground up with a completely new approach. Eventually this will be ported to Drupal 8. The documentation here is all about the latest version 7.x-2.x only.


An etracker account, which comes for a fee, is required. Optionally, you can use rules ( or custom modules to adjust tracking behavior.


This modules comes with a comprehensive list of features and is yet easy to use.

  • Support for etracker API version 4.0
  • No-script fallback implemented with limited functionality
  • Configurable scope of tracking code, header or footer
  • Enhanced customization
    • Alter default parameters with hooks
    • Alter tracking parameters with hooks
    • Modify or enhance tracking with rules
    • Tracking code themeable
  • Tracking parts
    • Pagename, optionally with appended language code on multi-lingual sites
    • URL of the current page if clean URLs are turned off or if the current URL has query parameters. In all other cases etracker recognizes the URL automatically
    • Areas
      • Taxonomy: Supports taxonomy_term_reference fields for entities and outputs all terms and their hierarchy as an area - triggered for each entity view
      • Breadcrumb: Outputs the breadcrumb of the current page as a hierarchical area, either including (default) or excluding the page root
    • Targets: Set tracking target with rules, the history of targets gets stored in cookies and can be appended to or reset if a "final" target got reached
    • Segments: user roles and current language supported as segments - note: segments are only available in some of the etracker packages and have to be pre-defined in the etracker account for them to be tracked properly
  • Alter pagename, target and interest level on entity edit forms if the etracker field is attached to the entity type
  • Multi-lingual site support: include current language code as tag, as prefix or suffix for areas or as a suffix to the page name
  • Privacy:
    • DND: do not track visitors with this browser setting - can be turned off
    • Allow registered users to opt-in or out of tracking
  • Track click event:
    • Clicks on mailto-links
    • Clicks on external links
    • Clicks on download links with configurable extensions (using regular expression)
  • Track system messages (optionally), this helps to identify usability issues on your site
  • Track site internal search
  • Tracking specific sites only
  • Tracking users with specific roles only


Separate Drupal projects are enhancing the feature set of the etracker integration so that the specific areas can be maintained independently. The following modules will be made available pretty soon:

  • etracker Form Analytics
  • etracker Page Optimizer
  • etracker Portal Analytics
  • etracker Campaign Control
  • etracker E-Commerce
  • etracker E-Commerce for Drupal Commerce
  • etracker E-Commerce for Ubercart


This module simply works after installing and enabling it and by providing your etracker account key in the settings. The default settings have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the majority of web site owners. However, as people have very different requirements and expectations this module was designed from day one to be customizable. It offers many ways like it is usual with Drupal.


Go to admin/config/system/etracker where you can find all options that can be modified through the UI. For each of the available options there is inline documentation just next to the field and should you wonder about the meaning of them, please file a support request in the issue queue (


Not only the extension modules listed above but maybe even other contrib or custom modules may want to influence the tracking code of etracker for all or some pages or circumstances. That's why this etracker module comes with an API and as usual, the available hooks are documented in etracker.api.php which is part of the package that you can download and install.

Tracking code theming

When all the settings are parameters for each page request have been processed, before the tracking code gets delivered to the browser it has to be put together. This modules uses Drupal's theming layer to get this done which allows the site administrator or other developers to hook into this theme layer by the well known Drupal functions to alter the final output of that code.

Rules Integration

All tracking parameters can be modified by rules. This allows site builders and administrators to react to all of the events supported by rules and do what ever they like to with the tracking parameters for etracker.


The main module - not the extension modules listed above - will see some improvements over time, some of which prior and other post the 2.0 release of this module. The following list is currently on our minds but their order is meaningless:

  • Create etracker account from within the Drupal site
  • Support targets through the Form API by selecting forms and assigning targets to their submit buttons
  • Support for dynamically loaded page components via ajax
  • Support CC Onsite Search


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Ich habe es getestet und finde es nicht schlecht.
Vor allem das Geotargeting hat mir sehr gut gefallen.


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