Anita & Alexandra Hofmann

Anita und Alexandra HofmannThe management of the two musicians hired Paragon in 2012 to build a couple of platforms, both linked to each other and provide content from one to the other.

To manage the artist's activities, a comprehensive intranet was required to handle all the event requests from many different sources. They all get captured into the platform, coordinated and negotiated until they end up as finally agreed events forming a calendar which is achievable by the team with regard to distances and travel time.

Anita und Alexandra HofmannThe public website then was the second component where fans can find all relevant details and information about Anita and Alexandra Hofmann. Of course, all events get published on that website as well and instead of capturing them again, they get synchronized from the intranet as soon as they get flagged accordingly. This is increasing efficiency and avoid errors, which is what helps the management team a lot.