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We are providing Drupal solutions and services. Well, that is a pretty short version of the truth but something that focuses on the core of our business. Web sites and web applications do require a wide variety of disciplines and experience. Below's a list with the most important tools and technologies that we use as the ingredients for your solution. As there is no unique recipe for all dishes, we should get together and talk about your requirements and wishes.

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Drupal Contribution

Drupal Contribution

Commerce Product Dimensions

Field to support dimensions (width, height, length) for products and allow customers to enter them before adding to cart.


Field configurable to support dimensions (length, area, volume) including two different formatters.


Drupal Remote Dashboard to monitor and manage any number of Drupal installations with ease.


Integrate trust and recommendation platform into Ubercart.


Integrate popular and sophisticated third-party service etracker into Drupal.


Integrate several payment methods (giropay, ELV, etc) into Ubercart and Drupal Commerce.


Integrate payment method giropay into Ubercart.

GMap Direction Extras

Calculate and store the direction from a start to an endpoint by using Google maps and displaying them within Drupal sites.


Integrate third-party service Pangora into Ubercart shops in Drupal 6.

Pivot Tables

A views formatter to output tables in pivot format, sometimes also known as crosstables.


Integrate third-party switchboard Placetel into Drupal sites to get notifications, initiate calls and much more.


Support for SQRL (Secure Quick Reliable Login) to offer better authentication for Drupal sites.

Storm Dashboard

Enhance Drupal's Storm project management platform with a handy dashboard for a quick overview and better navigation.

SVG Embed

Embed SVG graphics into Drupal content and make them translatable automatically.


Integrate third-party service TrustedShops into Ubercart shops in Drupal 6.

Wysiwyg Templates

Provide templates that can be used in any Wysiwyg editor in Drupal - for a better authoring experience.

YouTrack für Drupal

Integrate issue tracking platform YouTrack into Drupal to automatically create tickets from watchdog entries, contact form submissions and other modules.

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